Harkers Duramitex Plus 500ml spray

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A pesticide free spray against red mites, for use in all bird housing

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Harkers Duramitex Plus 500ml spray for the eradication of red mites

Pesticide free

Safe to use in chicken coops , pigeon lofts, bird rooms and aviaries

A ready to use pesticide free spray for use against red mites in lofts, coops and aviaries.  Duramitex Plus should be literally sprayed round the area to be treated, paying particular attention to cracks and crevices. This forms a 'sticky trap' with the Duramitex Plus immediately immobilising the adult mite and preventing other life stages from developing, thus breaking the life cycle. Regular use every 6-8 weeks will prevent the return of red mite and all other small insect pests. Dureamitex Plus will eliminate airborne allergies by coating the mite, and is safe to use with the birds still in situ.

Contains a combination of silicones.



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