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Conficlean2 Laundry is a detergent, disinfectant & fabric conditioner 3 in 1 to be used for animal clothing, bedding etc through an automatic washing machine 

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Conficlean Laundry is a specially formulated triple action machine wash laundry liquid.  

Conficlean2 Laundry performs as a detergent, disinfectant and fabric conditioner in one application.  

  • One washing cycle using Conficlean2 Laundry kills all bacteria and many viruses, including parvo.   Conficlean2 Laundry is:
  • Non-biological
  • hard water tolerant
  • built in fabric conditioner
  • disinfectant
  • low foaming
  • economical  

Instructions: pour the Conficlean Laundry liquid into the dispenser of the washing machine, or use a ball dispenser  

Normal wash :  50ml

Heavy soil:       100ml

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