Syringes, needles, cotton wool, bandages, Vetericyn for wound repair, Liquivite, Heatpads, Cage lining pads - a long list of the items that could be required for 1st Aid for your pet

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Liquivite, a canned liquid food, for sick, convalescent, post-operative or anorexic carnivores (including cats and dogs)

Protect your household items by applying this liberally to the surfaces that might be destroyed by your puppy (or other furries!)

Comfy Collars are a safe (and comfortable) alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar for small animals with wounds, skin sores or stitches.
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- protect dog, cat, and rabbit, wounds & sore skin

6 sizes available

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an essential for all pet parents ... including a 2 tick removers

Puppy Training Pads provide an absorbent surface, sealed with a plastic backing, to help train your puppy.  They contain an attractant to teach your puppy where 'to go' .  

Each is 23 x 24"

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Fast relief for itchy dry irritated skin - dogs and puppies, cats and kittens

remove wax and gently cleanse dog's ears

clean dirt and remove stains around dog's eyes

  • Effective cleaning with 3 bristle heads, making brushing your dog's teeth fast and easy.
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