Natural Science supplements are formulated with premium herbal ingredients and high fiber hay to support the most common health-related challenges facing small animals, including digestive support, joint mobility and urinary tract health. If your pet has been diagnosed with a specific condition by your veterinarian or is in need of supplemental support, we encourage you to learn more about how Natural Science supplements may be able to help.

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For small animals with skin or coat irritation, diseases or infections.

Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support is for animals with GI sensitivity, infection, or a history of gastric problems

Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support helps prevent cartilage degeneration

Oxbow Natural Science Multi-vitamin aids all of your pet's body systems

aid digestive health of small animals which may ingest their hair

Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support aids overall urinary health of small animals

Vitamin C supplement for small animals

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