At SPH Supplies we have always been passionate about our pets and animals.  Sue was brought up on a farm, and has always had a deep passion for horses, which then extended to the various dogs, cats and other animals that the family has kept over the years.  We are now in the very fortunate position of running our own small holding, with cattle, sheep and poultry, as well as the horses, dogs, cats etc. The business has grown from selling one product (Pet Virkon) directly into the pet trade, shops, kennels, catteries, animal charities and so on, to one where we now have in the region of 400 product lines.  We only sell products that we would use on our own animals, and in many cases are tried and tested by our own pets.

The office is normally (wo)manned by Sue, assisted periodically by husband Martin and daughter Rachael.  If there is no one in the office, it is normally because we are sorting items in the warehouse, packing up orders, or unloading pallets of goods coming in.  In which case - please leave a message on the phone - we always get back to enquiries, and will phone you back shortly.  We are very much a family business - with family values, which means, we hope, that you will find we are always willing to listen and help you with your pet related problems.

We are also assisted by Ben (working sheepdog) who likes to round us all up, Alfie, very much the office dog, and Dexter (small and makes us laugh!).  Percy (ginger puss) is the Pest Control Officer - a task we have to remind him about occasionally when he is whiling away his working day fast asleep somewhere warm and comfortable ...  3 of our 'domestic' pets are rescues – we believe firmly that the best place to find a new forever friend is in a rescue centre. Ben, however, in view of the very specialist nature of his work commitments, was purchased – the first time we have ever bought a dog!

SPH Supplies
Higher Park, Pennymoor,
Tiverton, Devon.
EX16 8LL

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