Catac Foster Feeding Kit - Standard

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for hand rearing kittens, puppies and small animals

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Catac Foster Feeding Bottles are available for hand rearing and weaning all domestic, farm, endangered and zoo animals.

The banana-shaped Bottles (Nursers) are made from toughened glass and the teats (nipples) are latex rubber.

Before placing the teat over the bulbous feeding end of the bottle, a hole is created using a red hot pin to pierce the tip of the teat. When piercing it should be noted the faster you withdraw the pin the narrower the diameter of hole, conversely the slower the retraction the larger the hole. You may repeat the process with a larger diameter pin, as the baby grows, alternatively you may wish to maximise the flow by trimming the tip accordingly. Should it be necessary to reduce the length of teat, you can trim the neck end with a pair of scissors accordingly.

The foam lined individual boxes prevent any damage in transit and are a safe place for the bottle to be kept when not in use.

This is the smaller size bottle (FFB1) holding 30cc, suitable for kittens and small mammals.  

Contents: one glass nurser, pack of 3 small teats (ST1), and bottle cleaning brush

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