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Protect your household items by applying this liberally to the surfaces that might be destroyed by your puppy (or other furries!)

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Simple Solution Chew Stopper contains a foul tasting formulation that helps prevent damage to furniture, and other items, caused by nibbling and chewing.  It is excellent to help with puppy training, and helps protect rugs, blankets, shoes, plants, and everything else that puppies might think worth a good gnaw! (You've just got to be one step ahead of your puppy and treat those items before he realises they might be worth a nibble!)

It can also be used on bandages protecting wounds, and to discourage licking and chewing of hot spots, stitches etc

It should be applied liberally to the area to be treated, and reapplied as necessary.  It is advisable to check for colour fastness before using with fabrics.

Simple Soluition Chew Stopper is safe on pets and furniture.  

500ml Trigger Spray bottle

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